Riding “The Third Wave”


Third Wave HOME

There has been a shift in the way we work. Many see what’s going on but don’t know how to make any moves to protect themselves from becoming a victim of this shift. Historically, there has been two major changes in work. The first established force of work was the Agricultural Age. Where many families worked together tending their land and making a wage. Times were much slower then and the family unit was stronger due to the time spent, the cooperation, and understanding between family to be able to work together that was needed to have a strong business.

The 2nd wave of work was the Industrial Age. This form of work changed the family dynamic where families no longer work together as a team it was a parent that worked. It also created a need for time management do to assembly line work it was no longer the sun that was determining when to work but a clock. A clock and a bell that kept people on track as to produce. This Age lead to a faster pace of living and mass production of not only products but people as far as corporations, schools, and even weapons.

The 3rd wave of work that we are IN is the Information Age…the internet! Working by use of the internet has caused a huge disruption in our households, communities, and in government policies. Businesses are currently striving to catch up to the speed in which the internet is moving and affecting everybody. My interest and passion have been for the “households of the middle-class” in how the internet has changed and is changing the ways in which we work currently today. My drive has been sparked by an interview that I had the opportunity to attend at The Cleveland Playhouse, where the speaker was no other than the Co-Founder of AOL (America Online) Steve Case. He amazed me with his story about when AOL first began, his vision for what will happen in the future with the internet, and how the entrepreneur has an opportunity in shaping the future of the internet. At this event, he gave us his book “The Third Wave” telling what the future of the internet will look like, here’s an insert from his book…

“During the Second Wave, the surge in Internet usage coupled with the rapid adoption of smartphones led to an explosion in social media and the creation of a thriving app economy. Some of the most successful companies, such as Snapchat and Twitter, started with small engineering teams and became overnight sensations, requiring none of the partnerships and perseverance that had come to define the previous era. But there are signs that this model is peaking, that a new wave is about to break. And there is growing evidence that this new period will look quite different from the Second Wave—and quite different from the Second Wave—and quite similar to the First. Third Wave of the Internet will be defined not by the Internet of Things; it will be defined by the Internet of Everything. We are entering a new phase of technological evolution, a phase where the Internet will be fully integrated into every part of our lives—how we get around, HOW WE WORK (my emphasis), even what we eat. As the Third Wave gains momentum, every industry leader in every economic sector is at risk of being disrupted. Think about what’s been happening in Silicon Valley over the past few decades and imagine what it will look like when we apply that same culture on innovation and scope of ambition to every part of our economy. That’s the Third Wave—and it’s not just coming; it’s here.”

The Information Age, for those who take part in it early, has a tool that will allow families and friends to once again work together as a team and rebuild the foundations of homes and communities. This is by no means going back to the “old days” but moving forward taking advantage of the season God is allowing for His glory, for those who can see. The responsibilities of each household will now be reintroduced to a new generation and through innovative ways to work.  For Generation X and the Millennials who are awakened and see the shift of work will benefit most and become the most prosperous of this shift. Though this is an exciting time it is also a time that takes a lot of wisdom to guide it in the direction that would help enhance the Kingdom of God.

There is a direction our world is going in and God’s people have the opportunity to take the lead. The younger will debunk the authority of the older if we do not begin to do things we are not used to doing. Things that take us completely out of our comfort zone. The relevance of adults will begin to diminish after time, in some ways, it has already. Young adults simply Google their answers to questions. Are you aware that computers have become a type of authority? We can not allow computers nor any “Age” we live in to replace the time spent to intentionally parent our children. We have to be intentional to establish “bonds” with our children.  Great “bonds” that are created by the TIME we spend as parents with our children. The way the middle class has traditionally work is being challenged by the Third Wave of the Internet. I see an opportunity for the loose ends of parenting to be tied because of it! The voice of the parent has a transferable quality when teaching about how to identify the voice of God and His truths. We must look at “who” or “what” is spending the most time with our kids? Whose voice is being heard most when it comes to teaching them? The days we live in are not the same and they will continue to change as it is supposed too but how have you?

I am currently on a mission to use this opportunity for God’s glory! I promote TIME for parenting through Entrepreneurship. This “wave” is nothing to be afraid of. This shift of work for those who cease the moment can actually take part in cultivating more time for family. This shift of work will allow us more freedoms for those who are open-minded and willing to try new things. I have been empowered with a business tool and the wisdom to navigate through this change. My sweet spot as a whole are for moms. This is why I have developed my brand H.O.M.E. ~House Of Mother Entreprenuers~ to help teach and empower others with a tool to own their time to do what God has called them to do in this season. He is allowing His people the time to rebuild and restore through untraditional ways of work.

There is a new groundwork that needs to be laid for the next generation and that work must start in our homes first. This may take a complete uprooting of everything you have built and established to do it. This may take a radical change of routine. This WILL take a heart who is willing to obey! This new world of information has a very fast momentum and the time is now if we want to make sure our children are ready to operate in it (the way God has called them too) and not of it.

Parents, we have got to get past our fears! What are you doing to take part in this “Third Wave” non-traditional work? Do you currently have an internet business that your building to cultivate an extra stream of income? Now is the time to begin that shift. Email me at homemrs1mc@gmail.com I have a tool that can help you begin that learning curve.


H.O.M.E. is where the heart is!

I am so happy to announce this month the release of my new online business website H.O.M.E. ~House Of Mother Entreprenuers~! Mrs1Mc has always been and always will be my “business thought”  page for anyone in business. Business is my passion but my soft spot are moms! Working moms, single moms, stay-at-home moms, and definitely millennials who desire to be a wife and a mother one day! Yup, I think I covered it all, lol. The reason why my heart is so strong for this group of women is because of my mom. My mother is a single mother of 3. I watched her work mandatory 7 days a week and twelve hour days and she absolutely hated her job. Yet, she did the very best she could with what she had.

Fast forward, I have been married to my husband for 8 years now. During the growth of our family, he worked two jobs and went to school full-time because I wanted to stay home and raise our kids. Plus, he actually loved what he did. My husband worked full-time for the Board of Developmental Disabilities by day. At night, he worked taking care of mentally disable residents and going to school full-time online at Liberty University (he graduated with his Master’s in Human Services Counseling with efficient of Business). With all the things he did he still left for work every day with a smile on his face and never complained. My husband truly is my 2nd hero (of course Christ is the 1st, what you thinking, lol). He is such a man. A man I have never witness in my life being raised by my mom. In 2013, an uncontrollable course of events happens to our family where my husband did not receive income for 5 months! He always tells me that it was then he knew he needed a “plan B”.  It was then that my husband took action in becoming an entrepreneur.

Once I began to learn more about entrepreneurship I realized how it could be a cure for a lot of mental illnesses in communities. Only a few are willing to physically go after the antidote for that healing.  Almost 3 years in and now myself mentally healed God used my entrepreneurship tool to FORCE me into finding my purpose and passion in life. I truly believe that some people struggle with depression because they haven’t found their purpose, are too afraid to live out what they know their purpose is, unproductively lazy (there is a story behind this statement), or quite frankly lean on their own understandings of how they “think they should” live their lives. I look at all of these mental obstacles as wars. Wars, tactics, or weapons used by the enemy himself! I have found it an honor a privilege to be called to fight by my heavenly Father through the world of entrepreneurship!

Just a little bit about how H.O.M.E first started (vlog, coming soon!). Back in June of 2015, there was a judgment that passed within the Supreme Courts that shook me to the core. I began to write letters to every Pastor I could think of because I felt like there was an attack happening on the family without retreat!  Out of the Predominant Pastors, I wrote to only two responded back. Basically, saying they didn’t have time.  It was then that I knew I had to take responsibility in fighting this war. I did not hold them responsible for what clearly the Lord had shut up like a fire inside MY bones. So I moved forward and made a few mistakes along the way to getting where I am supposed to be and it feels outstanding! HOME is where God’s heart is and so is mine. Welcome to the journey!

Are you a busy mom? Would you like to spend more time with your family? If so, have you ever thought about how to make it possible? Comment below!




Is RICH a Good Fit for YOU?


“Lazy people are soon poor: hard workers get rich.” – Proverbs 10:4

I have tried to understand this scripture and what it means as it compares to “hard workers” I have seen throughout my lifetime but none that are rich?!  Now please, for all my “Bible Thumpers” out there I understand the book of Proverbs is not, I repeat, IS NOT a book of promises. So yeah, that famous scripture that “we parents” love to quote “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it”-Proverbs 22:6, is not a promise.

The book of Proverbs is more of a book of guidance, advice, a book of wisdom, or literally poetry. With the statement “hard workers get rich” there is still validity. Considering who is doing the guiding 1. It’s the Bible 2. The richest, wisest man on earth King Solomon (some Theologians believe some parts of the book are written by King Solomon’s students) is given the advice. So, there is no question of credibility for the book of Proverbs. It can be used to reevaluate everyday practices. In doing so it leads to a question…“Is the hard work your performing going to make you rich!?” Yes, there it is, I said it! Whew, I feel like a ton of judgmental bricks from others have just been lifted off my shoulders! Let’s face it, the Christian community just isn’t receptive to talks of “gettin dat money”.

Being a Christian who works within an Entrepreneurship vehicle it has revealed so much to me. I have seen the misunderstandings of business, notice the lack of teaching about money, and how important it is to have within the church. I am not talking about another financial management course. My conversations are more about “how we work” as Christians. For the most part, how we work can tell how much money you will have to manage. Our hearts and how we work are intrinsically intertwined believe it or not. So, this is not about management this is more touching on the core of our behavior and relationship toward money.

We have two extremes within the working class/low income/ middle-class  Christian circles most are operating within a lot of debt/going deeper into debt or either Christians are satisfied with where they are in life but with no means or possibility of passing down any wealth to their children or children’s, children. I don’t think we can consider retirement as means of leaving a legacy for our families?

What if I told you that “The love of money is the root of ALL evil” is not in the Bible but that “the love of money is the root of all KINDS of evil” (1 timothy 6:10) is in the Bible. Would the words in emphasis make a difference to you and how you view this scripture? What if I told you the book of 1 Timothy in the Bible with this most misinterpreted scripture is talking about how the church should be set up would you examine your church? Paul the author of this letter to Timothy is telling him how to address different roles within the church; Widows, Elders, Christian Business Owners, Christian workers, False Teachers and…(drum roll) the RICH! It is unfortunate that we play the game “Telephone” with the scriptures and they morph into something it never meant. There are Christians who literally believe that pursuing money would make them evil or a sell out to “the money”; but this is a lie! I want to be upfront and say this is not a ploy that is connected with the “Prosperity Gospel”. To me the prosperity gospel limits God and all He can do in any situation with anyone: poor or sick for His glory! The Gospel Coalition has written about the Prosperity Gospel’s  errors, so know that this is NOT what I am talking about or my heart.

For any agenda to be pushed there must be resources! There is absolutely no reason why the “Christian Book Store” would be closing its doors if Christians understood economics, business, and the actions it takes to see God’s kingdom coming on earth as it is in heaven. By the masses, the entreprenuer mindset is not nurtured or cultivated within Christian communities. I can understand why we have a lot of multi-billionaires/millionaire atheist, theist, etc. because of an element of the Bible that is just not being touched. Most churches cater to the worker mindset, with their behaviors toward their employer and co-workers. There is nothing wrong with that this is good but what if God has called you to be a creator (with a little “c” of course)? Entrepreneurs are worldwide influencers! And If you don’t understand what I mean by this statement wait until the next iPhone comes out! How much more the need for the Christian Entrepreneur to make an impact in communities and churches? I read an article a long while back by author and filmmaker named Phil Visher. Phil Visher created “Veggie Tales” a Christian cartoon for kids with Biblical principles that has sold over 65 million copies. Mr. Visher is a highly respected man within the Christian community  asking  “Where are the Christian Entrepreneurs?”

How is it that we have become a people not of the world but when it comes to money, business, and economics we are “all in” with how the world system has told us to operate? While Christians are in an uproar on the separation of church and state, there should be that same passion in the separation of church, business, and economic education. Then that would cause us to look at ourselves and how we are running our individual households. In the Body of Christ, there are ministers and thousands of ministries benefitting from the tactics of business and psychology that help churches finically prosper from the individual households of families that are uneducated in business and suffer from financial lack. Please, do not get it twisted I am a believer in giving a tithe. When we take a closer look, a large proportion of Christians are struggling to make ends meet, living check to check, and broke we aren’t paying a tithe we are recycling poverty! How entrench we are in the culture as a church will determine our effectiveness on the culture as Christians. God desires to have full reign over His creation and the way He reigns over the earth is through the church. Christ walks the earth through “His Body” aka “the Church” we have full reign over the earth but we are too financially strapped as a Body of believers to be concerned with changing the world because of being consumed with just trying to get by having to pay our bills. May God help us!

Picture this: A farmer buys a plot of land that has been left abandon and unmaintained. This man works day and night in the fields tilling the soil and nurturing it. For 7 days a week, late nights, early mornings, singing, sweating, dirty, happy, disappointed, hopeful, energetic, thoughtful, strategic, crazed, and determined because he knows once he has mastered the soil that the seeds planted will grow to produce food. Food for his family presently or to come, food that will nurture the people who buy from him or works for him. Some of those seeds will take years to develop, some seeds only take seasons. Each seed is allotted its own time to produce. Meanwhile, the farmer has absolutely nothing to do with the growth but at the same time fully responsible for the growth. Oh! you have no idea, of what “hard work” is until you have done the work of creating something from nothing! But the scriptures says, “Lazy people are soon poor: hard workers get rich.” -Proverbs 10:4.  Now allow me to ask it again is RICH a good fit for you?

What do you think… Does the Christian community encourage or support Entrepreneurship? Does business education have a place within the church? Did you know Harvard University, a college I have always known for being strong in business has Christian roots?  As a Christian do you believe it is wrong to pursue money why or why not? Hey, share your thoughts below or email me at mrs1mc216@gmail.com.

The Lost Art of Empathy

An artist’s drawing begins in their mind with a thought that cultivates the imagination. That thought is then translated from the imagination to be illustrated on a canvas. An onlooker’s thoughts are enriched by the apperception of the picture. Leading them to ask questions, “What was the artist thinking in creating this picture? What kind of background and culture does this artist comes from? What does it mean? Where could this have taken place? I wonder what type of emotions they were experiencing?” I could go on and on.  Some artwork at times even can be grotesque but not always offensive because the observer understands they’re in a genre of art. Art is meant to enlighten, convey beauty, stimulated the imagination, send a message, give an understanding. Do you know we are doing that very thing every day in how we communicate and react with others…creating a picture? We are at our greatest peak in developing a masterpiece when we illustrate “empathy” in how we strive to understand someone else. In this case, the artist is the one who is speaking, the onlooker being the listener. 

Empathy noun 1. the psychological identification with or vicarious experiencing of the feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of another. 2. the imaginative ascribing to an object, as a natural object or work of art, feelings or attitudes present in oneself (dictionary.com)

There is a war going on today, that is not taken place in the Middle East or in The White House. This battle has been growing like a fungus over decades. This battle starts within our own homes, with our families, our friends (now ex-friends), it is on our televisions and within our music. The struggle is within you and I, that war is…selfishness! From the cutest baby cry as a demand for milk, the verbal demand of “I want” from a toddler instead of asking “may/can I”, to the adult demand of emotional self-satisfaction . People are beginning to care less and less about understanding others. Selfishness limits our understanding to the highest form of how we think things should go. This increasing lost art of empathy is not just the fault of selfishness it is due to the lack of wisdom.

Wisdom- noun 1. the quality or state of being wise; knowledge of what is true or right coupled with just judgment as to action; sagacity, discernment, or insight. (dictionary.com)

Today the word “judgment” is looked at as the enemy of life. Good judgment (which is equivalent to wisdom) has become the victim of the “blocked” or “unfriend” button. When someone disagrees that is not always an indicator to cut them off.  In times of disagreement take a couple thoughts under consideration 1. We are all individuals coming from various backgrounds and cultures and 2. We all have had different experiences in our lives that have shaped our worldviews.  So when faced with a clash of communication exercise empathy to workout the disagreement; press through conflict by approaching it in wisdom.

This past year, I have seen many protests, heard of many murders, witnessed name calling, to the present day of banning guests from shows! There is a growing epidemic of people not caring to understanding others or even wanting to. I am heartbroken, angry, hopeful, and excited all at the same time for what I know the book of Proverbs will bring to the table of “Thought Artists”.  You are drawing a different picture with how you are living your lives. You don’t run from communication you invite it. You seek to understand because you have a desire to use wisdom in your dealing, you are solution oriented, a thinker, a problem solver!

Come…I have many pictures that I look forward to showing you in this Art Gallery. In front, you’ll see I have on display, beautifully thought out paintings on business, family, and love. However, in the back of the museum, I have priceless motifs, original, timeless Masterpiece’s from the book of Proverbs exhibited. Along with my prized, scarce, and sacred artistry of Theology. Allow me to warn you, though! Some of my paintings you will not agree with. So, before you walk any further, allow yourself some time to think about the paintings you disagree with most, observe, ask yourself a few questions about the artist perspectives, before you react to the scenery. Then, yet instill strive to love me.  

Let’s communicate! I am in love with mind stimulating conversations and intrigued by different perspectives. Have you read the book of Proverbs before? Do you have a favorite chapter or verse?  Comment on my site below or reach out to my personal email address mrs1mc216@gmail.com.